Executive Voice Coaching

3134854_origYour voice can make or break you. You may have invested a lot on personal training and grooming to increase your competency and competitiveness, yet you still find you are not being taken seriously; you still couldn’t get the promotion you may well deserved; and you still couldn’t get the respect you’ve craved for. It’s all because you fail to speak clearly, confidently and convincingly. You have overlooked your most powerful tool, your voice, which is holding you back in establishing immediate likeability, credibility, and authority. In this interactive, practical and fun workshop, you will be helped to discover your innate rich and mature voice through the correct way of producing your voice so as to make your voice work for you and achieve the communication results you want. You will be empowered with tools to ensure you speak with confidence, credibility and authority at any given situation.

Course Outline (1-day)

1. Module one – Voicing Freely

  • Voice & Tension
  • Find your hindrance in voice projection
  • Vocal Aerobics to find where your tensions are stored and release them
  • Speak with your whole body, place your voice from the head center to heart center

2. Module two – Power up your voice with proper breath

  • Breathing & Voice
  • Breathing & Balance
  • Proper breathing techniques to support your voice and lay the foundation to a
  • powerful voice
  • Breathing exercises

3. Module three – Develop resonance to project confidence and credibility

  • Pitch & Volume
  • Pitch & Resonance
  • Resonance & Harmony & Empowerment
  • Find your optimum pitch range
  • Develop your voice resonance to sound mature, authoritative, credible and warm

4. Module four – Project authority with volume

  • Different levels of volume
  • Better control your volume
  • Speak with authority through volume control
  • Free from straining your voice, losing your voice and hoarseness

5. Module five – Speak with passion & conviction with voice dynamics

  • Overcome that monotone
  • Color your words to make your read come alive
  • Use your voice to paint pictures in your listeners’ mind
  • Use your voice to engage and intrigue your listeners
  • 3Es Techniques to add color into your voice immediately
  • 3 Keys to painting pictures with your voice

6. Module six – Make Your Voice Work for You

  • Speak with confidence
  • Speak with credibility
  • Speak with authority
  • Speak with assertiveness