Strategic Thinking for Leaders


In this interactive and practical workshop, participants will learn to develop Strategic Thinking to be highly effective leaders.


At the end of the session, the participants will be able to:

  • Mission & Vision of the Organization
  • Aligning with the Organization
  • Aligning with Individual Contributors
  • Demonstrate the techniques of effective and creative problem solving under different scenarios
  • Use facilitation and coaching techniques to ask the proper questions to get to the root of problems
  • Use decision-making techniques to assist in the action process and gain buy-in from others


Welcome, Introductions, Objectives and Agenda

Pain Points and Participant Goals

Deep Dive – Current Issues

A facilitator-led partner deep-dive to understand our current situation.

Experiencing Challenges – Activity

Participants will experience confusion and frustration as they navigate their way through organizational obstacles, testing their strategic thinking abilities until the appropriate solution is achieved.

Activity Debrief

Qualities of a Great Leader

What makes someone not just good, not just great, but an excellent leader? Facilitated discussion.

The Role of Strategic Thinking in Leadership

Presentation & Discussion

Strategic Thinking VS Conventional Thinking

Presentation & Discussion

Strategic Thinking VS Strategic Planning

Presentation & Discussion

Self-Assessment: Are You A Strategic Thinker?

Participants will fill-out a questionnaire to see how they compare as strategic thinkers.

Competencies of Strategic Thinkers

Participants will learn the 8 Competencies of Strategic Thinkers and how they compare to Conventional Thinking.


Plenary Contracting

Mind-mapping – Review of DAY 1 Content

Card Game Negotiations

Participants will be taken through this fun twist on the classic simulation of Game Theory.

Activity Debrief

Win-Win VS Zero-Sum Games

Reviewing our Self-Assessments

After debriefing the card game, participants will look back to their survey results, linking back to the topics covered thus far to have a clearer understanding now of where they currently are and the gap to fill.

Link back to 8 Competencies

Now that participants have more experience and knowledge to assess themselves and where they need to be, we will look at how to fill that gap by developing the 8 competencies.

Paired Project Preparation

Peer Action Coaching

Using the knowledge learned from the day, participants will be put in pairs to discuss their previous pain points coach each other on applying the 4 Roles to their daily work situation.

Project Presentation

Q&A / Learning Review

Next step/action plans

What will participants take away to ensure learning is sustainable and transferrable?