Leadership Development



What Compass Corporate Solutions can do for you!

In today’s ever changing global corporate environment, businesses that continue on the path of stable growth, product innovation, and top talent development and retention all have one practice in common – investing in human resources via quality learning and development programs. Since its establishment in Shanghai, China in 1994 the goal of Compass Corporate Solutions has been to assist companies large and small in training and developing talent to reach their full potential. Compass provides, high impact, and fully customized soft skills accelerated learning programs in Management Training, Soft Skills Communication. Compass offices are located in Shanghai and Beijing, but we offer service to multinational companies throughout the Asia Pacific Region.

Studies have shown that individuals with good interpersonal and self-management abilities have better career success and contribute far more to an organization than people with only excellent technical skills. There’s a common misconception, however, that capabilities like interpersonal communications, leadership, or coping with change are innate and can’t be taught or learned. There’s also a tendency in many organizations to avoid what’s hard to measure. It’s easier to see an immediate, tangible result from training a staff member to use a new software program or master a new technical skill than it is to track the benefits of training someone to be a better leader or communicate more effectively.

However, leadership and communication skills can be effectively learned, and studies have identified a number of best practices for teaching them. Compass Corporate Solutions would like to show you why and how you can make learning and development a priority for your organization and thus drive success and growth. Our headquarters are located in Shanghai, China, but our corporate training programs serve multinational companies with facilities all over Asia and the Pacific Region. Thank you for considering Compass for your corporate training needs.