What We Offer

Leadership Development


Regardless of the size of your business, well-trained high performance professionals are the key to improving your company’s bottom line. Compass Corporate Management Training packages facilitate the development of key personnel to be better equipped to manage projects, motivate personnel, make critical decisions, and reduce expenses while improving staff performance. Learn More…

Soft Skills Communications Training


Clear and effective communication is essential to maintaining the competitive edge in any corporate market. Especially in a multinational corporate environment with a global client base, verbal and written communication excellence is a must. Compass provides customizable in-house seminars to improve employee’s communication skills and thus empower productivity, solve critical issues, and improve overall performance. Seminars are available in English, Mandarin, and Japanese. Learn More…

Sales Training


What will be the cost to your company if you don’t conduct regular sales training? As the greater macro economy slows in China, more companies are investing sales training to continue to increase top line revenue and market share. To add to the challenges, most MNC’s face challenges crossing cultures and integrating with local distributors and clients. How can you better manage your key accounts, increase your channel sales, improve your negotiation success rate and close more deals? Learn More…