Leading Creativity & Innovation

Leading Creativity & Innovation – 2 Day Seminar

1397186779Are you ready to get CREATIVE!? It has been labeled as the key to continued revenue growth and market share in any industry – Innovation. However, most managers in China strongly feel that this is one area most lacking in their management and staff. How can cultural and institutional barriers be overcome or fine-tuned to promote creativity and innovation? Through case studies of the innovation giants such as Apple and Google, this 2-day course assists managers in evaluating their current innovation strategy and provides the keys to overcome common obstacles found in China. Trainees will develop creative thinking skills, mentally and physically prepare for creativity, incorporate intuition, and adventure into creative thinking, and use creativity to generate ideas and solve problems.

Course Outline

Creating a Creative Culture

  • What is creativity & innovation?
  • Case Studies in Innovation

Learning from the best


Can you afford not to innovate?

  • Five Creativity Killers
  1. Inadequate Funding
  2. Risk Avoidance
  3. “Siloing”
  4. Time Commitments
  5. Incorrect Measures


Fostering a creative environment

  • What is a creative environment?
  • 6 Tips for creative environments


Creative thinking basics – The 5 pillars

  • Creative thinking – Map it out!
  • Group Brainstorming
    • How to ask questions to ‘think outside the box’


The Creative Process & Elimination

  • Mastering Iteration
  • Learning from failures
  • Pushing the “Reset” button
  • Personal creativity
    • Preparing to be creative
    • Exercises for creativity
  • Promoting team creativity
    • Organizing creative teams
    • Promoting and using creativity
    • Rewarding creativity