Dynamic Leadership

Dynamic Leadership – 3 Day Seminar

9244745Developing leadership within organizations has becoming a top priority for multinational companies. This highly interactive 3-day seminar draws on the decades of experience from our qualified facilitators, who have trained in China for more than 20 years, and understand the cultural barriers to leadership. Trainees will sharpen their persuasion & influence skills, learn how to inspire and motivate a team, improve workplace communication, resolve conflict, manage performance, and coach others.


Day One / Morning & Afternoon Session

  • Overview of Programme
  • Introductory remarks by Senior Manager
  • Welcome all participants and Icebreaker

Introduction to Leadership:

  • What are the satisfactions and frustrations of leadership?
  • What are the elements of caring leadership?
  • Nine Key Areas of Leadership

Exercises: Personalizing Leadership Leadership Variables

  • What are the variables that determine leadership effectiveness?
  • Do you possess the 10 qualities that distinguish a leader?
  • In which situations are you likely to lead? What is your natural kind of intelligence?


  • Six Traits of Leadership
  • Leadership Qualities – How do you rate?
  • What is your Leadership Style?


  • Effective Communication Model
  • Johari Window
  • Communication and Trust
  • Communication and Influence
  • Effective and powerful leadership communication

Exercises: What is your EI at Work?The Team Concept

  • Understanding Belbin Team Roles.
  • Definition & elements of a High Performance Team
  • How to achieve a HPT
  • Stages of team development & the Leader as Team builder

Activity: 4×4 Grid – To observe Team Roles Island Paradise Day Two/ Morning & Afternoon Session Conflict Resolution

  • The causes and symptoms of conflict
  • The positive and negative implications of conflict
  • Way to assess and resolve conflicts

4-step interdepartmental co

  • conflict resolution model.
  • Coping with conflict

Activity: Stonehenge Exercises: Conflict Resolution Questionnaire Day Three / Morning & Afternoon Session Coaching and Developing Others

  • The Role of the leader as teacher and developer of people
  • What leaders do to help others through change
  • Roles of attitude and personal example
  • Seven Step Coaching Process

Performance Management

  • What is performance management?
  • Cycle of Performance Management
  • How to set goals, provide feedback on progress and correct performance problems.
  • Five Levels of Performance Excellence
  • Model and reinforce high stand of professional conduct

Delegation Keys to effective Delegation Final Activity: