Effective Interview Skills


This program has been specially developed for Managers who have a responsibility for interviewing and selecting employees for their own team.  The program answers the questions: what is interviewing all about, where the interview fits into the recruitment process and why interviewing effectively is so important.  It introduces the 4 stages of the Behavioral Interviewing Model – job analysis, planning & structuring the interviews, behavioral interviewing, and evaluation of candidates.


The program will enable participants to:

  • Identify the competencies of the roles they are required to recruit for
  • Select appropriate competencies for the interview
  • Write behavioral interview questions to determine candidate’s suitability for the position
  • Describe an effective interviewing process
  • Conduct a behavioral interview
  • Evaluate candidates based on the critical success factors
  • Understand essential interviewing strategies and techniques.
  • Determine their strengths and development areas in each of the topics addressed.


Day One:

  • Introduction to Effective Interviewing
  • Recruitment, Selection and Interviewing
  • Behavioral Interviewing Model
  • Developing Competencies
  • Developing Behavioral based questions
  • Role play

Day Two:

  • Evaluating the candidates
  • Making selection
  • Behavioral Interviewing (Industry Specific)
  • Role play