Coaching for Performance

Day 1 Program

Learning PointActivityLearning Application
Kick off and Warm UpIce Breaker: Thumb Tack ChallengeEstablish the coaching theme and mindset for the workshop
Performance and Coaching’s ImpactCoaching Values and Objective Management BrainstormLinking coaching to the role of managers and leaders in supporting performance
Foundation GROW ModelGROW Model and Mini-CasesApplying a structure to coaching and management discussions
When to Use Coaching ToolsSkill and Will Leadership Diagnosis Tools When to Coach QuizLook at readiness to complete tasks and why team members get stuck
Peer Coaching Foundation and ExperienceMeta-Coaching: Peer coaching triads and small team discussionExploring the impact of coaching on real world coaching needs and receiving and giving feedback

Day 2 Program

Learning PointActivityLearning Application
Review Day 1 and HomeworkSimultaneous SurveyCollecting critical feedback on the initial steps of the coaching journey
Coaching Toolbox: Rapport with Attending and ReflectionSimulation – Gas Station Attending ActivityIdentify listening and asking opportunities
Coaching Toolbox: Affirming and Recognizing in CoachingRoleplay – coaching a colleague facing management confusionRecognizing progress and role model a learning and growth mindset during difficult conversations
Coaching Toolbox: Proactive Thinking and Using inquiry6 Questions Process Role Play Case Study – Facing stuck colleaguesProactive thinking and questions to encourage accountability
Addressing Common Barriers to Building a Coaching CulturePeer coaching with barrier focusHow to support facing coaching as leadership application
Action Plan and Peer CoachingCoaching goals and planning discussion with peer coaching teamsSetting goals and executing on leadership culture shift