Team Building Strategies

Team Building Strategies – 3 Day Seminar

1367551975Successful team building will have far reaching effects in your organization. Improve the way team members interact and thus improve their ability to solve problems. Better problem–solving means better efficiency in general. Increased efficiency will boost morale and productivity while reducing stress, turnover and operating costs. And all of these improvements bolster your organizations public image. Once established, an effective team becomes self perpetuating. This three day highly interactive seminar will demonstrate and teach team building strategies to management and staff alike.

Course Outline

Organization and Planning

  • Each group will work ahead of time to create a game plan and assignments for their team to follow.

Cross Training

  • Although the facilitator will demonstrate any skill, he will do so only once for each team. This will force team members to cross-train each other.

Coordinating Limited Resources

  • Resources will be limited, so the teams must learn to communicate and share resources that are needed simultaneously.

Problem Solving

  • Since all groups must create their game plan in private, conflict will occur once the groups begin to worK. In order to continue to operate when the game plan hits a snag, the teams must problem-solve.


  • Students will coordinate creative ideas to come up with the task.