Critical & Analytical Thinking


In this one-day workshop participants will explore critical thinking skills which we define as:

The ability and intellectual commitment to use a set of cognitive skills, intellectual standards, and traits of mind to improve thinking and guide behavior.

Through distinct business cases participants will explore five critical skills and identify best practices associated with:

  • Inference 推理
  • Recognition of assumptions 假设再认

An assumption is something presupposed or taken for granted.


  • Deduction 推断
    • Formal logic deduction形式逻辑推断
    • Three stages deduction三段式推断
    • Converse-negative proposition逆否命题
    • Obviate personal prejudices  排除个人预期
  • Interpretation 解释
  • Evaluation of arguments论据评估

In making decisions about important questions, it is desirable to be able to distinguish between arguments that are weak, as far as the question at issue is concerned.


For an argument to be strong, it must be both important and directly related to the question.


After exploring how to improve the quality of Critical thinking Participants will use the five step decision making process to apply their new skills to good decisions.

Program Outline

TopicActivityLearning Outcome
Welcome, warm up, and ground rulesLogic Quiz Warm-UpBecoming attentive to critical thinking
InferenceCase Study: Avoiding generalizationsAvoid biases that lack critical reasoning
Recognition of AssumptionsCase Study: The Mind ReaderIdentifying and evaluating the effectiveness of workplace assumptions
DeductionCase Study: Workplace Sherlock HolmesRemoving personal prejudice from assessing information and statements
InterpretationInterpretation super quizFinding interpretations in key expressions
Evaluation of ArgumentsActivity: The Great DebatersCreating critical connections between influential ideas
The 5 Step Decision Making ProcessCase Study: Evaluating Business DecisionsHow to leverage critical thinking to make effective business and leadership decisions
Action Planning SequenceWhat? So What? Now What?Linking ideas to action critically